Becky Callaghan is a private practice registered dietitian & nutrition consultant in Fredericton, NB. She received her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition Degree from St. Francis Xavier University and completed a comprehensive accredited dietetic internship program through Eastern Health. She is registered with the New Brunswick association of Dietitians and is a proud member of Dietitians of Canada.

As a young dietitian in the exciting field of food and nutrition, Becky has several innovative ideas for coaching the residents of Fredericton and surrounding areas to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Becky has worked with a variety of clients from busy working professionals, young students, seniors, sports teams and everything in between. Whether you need help with meal planning, weight-loss, heart healthy or diabetic diets or just getting back on track, Becky will answer your questions and coach you through every step of the way. Becky is passionate about empowering people with knowledge about nutrition so that they can make the best decisions to improve their health. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

Becky has a strong belief about and understands the balance between nutrition and exercise. She is one who also practices what she preaches. She included both a healthy diet and physical activity into her lifestyle at a young age and has continued to do so throughout her life.  Becky is equally passionate about incorporating physical activity as part of her everyday life, whether it is through a fitness class, running, lifting weights or playing volleyball. Her energy, passion and enthusiastic personality will be sure to inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals.

"I am passionate about helping people establish a balanced lifestyle and leading by example. My goal is to help clients oversee the diet rumors, myths, and fads and to teach them how to use the combination of real food and exercise to live a balanced life. With the mixed array of information, diet books and latest fads; shopping and eating can be extremely confusing to those who are striving to better their lives and health. I take research-based information and break it down into simple, practical terms that can be implemented into any way of life.”
“My approach is looking at what I call the “big picture”, including entire health history, existing medical conditions, medications, weight and diet to determine the best healing and life giving treatment plan for each individual. I believe that true health is more than a quick fix, but a lifestyle! My mission when working with you is not only about treating health BUT helping you become healthy and incorporating it into every aspect of your life."