You wouldn’t try to drive your car without any gas, so, why would you make your body function without its fuel? Many people don’t realize the importance of breakfast; it really is the most important meal of your day!

After sleeping, your body is drained of its fuel sources, because it has fasted all night.In order to “wake” your body up, it must first be refueled. Breakfast gives your body the kick start it needs to function successfully all day long. By breaking up the word breakfast, you can find why it is such an important meal; you need to break the fast.

By not eating this meal, you are making yourself more tired and irritable.The benefits of breakfast are just too good to pass up! Eating breakfast can boost cognitive functioning, make morning workouts more effective, stabilize blood sugar and control cravings, and help with weight loss. In addition, eating breakfast can speed up you metabolism, while skipping it encourages it to slow down.

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